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Should I use steroid drugs for syish?

Scandals associated with the use of steroids by sports figures are frequent - athletes seem to be willing to risk their health, employment and freedom in order to get an "advantage" in the competition. Such a risk is not surprising, given the large financial rewards that are often attracted. The use of drugs that increase efficacy is usually hidden, so well-conducted studies show that the effects of anabolic steroids on athletes are rare. However, testosterone treatment increases muscle strength, body size and healing speed. However, these benefits are associated with many short-term and long-term risks.

Increased strength of muscles

It is well known, both scientifically and anecdotally, that the use of steroids increases muscle strength. A recent study by Rogerston and his colleagues (2007) perfectly illustrates this effect of drugs that increase efficacy. These authors showed that testosterone enanthate, the most commonly used form of testosterone, improves the effectiveness of cycling in healthy people compared with placebo. Previous studies have shown that such effects were usually obtained within 6-12 weeks of treatment, but these researchers demonstrated significant effects within 3 weeks. These amazing results show that the use of steroids can quickly increase muscle strength.

Increased body size

The study of testosterone showed that the use of steroids increases the size of the body. In fact, a large number of studies support this discovery. A well-executed experiment by Giorgi and his colleagues (2009) is typical for such studies. The last authors tested the effects of testosterone in coaches of healthy weight. Testosterone significantly increased body weight, biceps circumference and quadriceps circumference. This study also showed an increase in the "tightness" of the abdominal cavity. However, this discovery is unusual, since most studies do not show the effect of reducing the content of steroids. Many people prefer raw steroid buy here: http://hubeipharmaceuticals.com for the ideal creation of a steroid drug.
Should I use steroid drugs for syish?

Increased Healing Rate

Another documented effect of steroids is their positive effect on the rate of healing. Recent steroid scandals involving professional athletes contained repeated references to the use of drugs that increase efficiency, to accelerate recovery. Unfortunately, several studies testing these effects in healthy people are available. However, there is a good collection of data on steroids in "injury" items, including people who have experienced burns and injuries. For example, a recent study of a synthetic testosterone compound improves lean body mass, increases muscle strength and restores body weight in patients with severe trauma.

Steroids increase the risk

Describing all the benefits of steroids is also worth mentioning the risks associated with their use. Scientists in the field of steroids represent both the positive and negative effects of drugs that increase efficacy in their excellent review of the literature on steroids. These authors noted that the use of testosterone increases unwanted libido and aggression, and also disfigures the hair. Effective drugs also change the internal environment of hormones during their long-term use. However, most of all refers to the adverse cardiac effects of anabolic steroids. Exogenous testosterone increases blood pressure and reduces "good" cholesterol. In addition, steroids change the structure and function of the heart.